Vallbo Foundation: ‘Research on veterinary is vital’, Dr. Jaime Borrell

Dr. Jaime Borrell will chair Vallbo Foundation
20 de December de 2018
‘Isolated bacteria in hepatic diseases in poultry and breeders’ -Call for research in Thailand, Mexico and US · Closed
3 de April de 2019
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Vallbo Foundation: ‘Research on veterinary is vital’, Dr. Jaime Borrell

Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls

Chairman and founder of Vallbo Foundation.

Private non-profit organization.


What is it and why was Vallbo Foundation created?

Vallbo Foundation is a non-profit organization, which bases its activity on topics of general interest related to veterinary sciences, animal production and the origin of life on Earth.

We consider that the knowledge on these issues will vary widely in the coming years to serve the needs of a society which also will suffer a profound transformation. From Vallbo Foundation we can provide different approaches and knowledge in this transformation process.

Why does it focus on veterinary research?

Veterinary sciences have always been an element of support to the needs of societies, throughout history.  From Mesopotamian Civilization to our days through, the Roman hippiatres to the albéitares – medieval veterinarian – or the current veterinarians.

Thus, to focus on veterinary research is to focus on an important area of knowledge, although relatively unknown, of the current and future society. Seven, ten or fifteen billion people cannot survive without domestic animals. Research in this sector is vital.

What could you tell me about the Foundation’s studies on the origin of life?

In the 50’s the attention was paid to the pharmacological cure of diseases. In the 70’s, with the arrival of highly productive strains, the pharmacological prevention of diseases took priority instead. Since the beginning of 21st century, many studies have focused on maintaining the physiological status of the organs.

Such philosophy, related to concepts of animal welfare and metagenetics, has a practical and applying purpose, but also has opened the door towards physiological studies of the cellular organs, especially ribosomes. From this point on, it all gets connected to the mechanisms which generated and developed life on Earth.

How the benefits of such research will reach society?

The above studies will be assigned to researches who participates in the call. It will be through them that the benefits will reach society.

We live in a highly polarized society between individualism and solidarity. What will be the position of Vallbo Foundation?

Vallbo Foundation has the intention of collaborating with other similar foundations on aligned purposes in order to unite synergies. Though, its feasibility may be previously assessed in each specific case.

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