28 de January de 2022
Proyecto La Roqueta

La Roqueta Project

On January 28, a meeting took place at the historic passage of La Roqueta, to discuss the rehabilitation plans of this 10th century place, between the […]
21 de October de 2021
La Fundación Vallbo inicia colaboraciones en varios proyectos relacionados con la rehabilitación del patrimonio histórico

The Vallbo Foundation begins collaborations on various projects related to the rehabilitation of historical heritage

Recently, the Vallbo Foundation has started collaborations on several projects aimed to the rehabilitation of historical heritage in Catalan territory. With these actions the foundation intends […]
7 de September de 2021
estudio de bacterias aisladas en hígados de broiler en Tailandia

The Vallbo Foundation supported a study of bacteria isolated from broiler livers in Thailand

The study was carried out at Chulalongkorn University and analyzed liver samples from farms and slaughterhouses The liver is considered, together with the intestine, a key […]
31 de August de 2021

Genesis, selection and evolution

The Vallbo Foundation has collaborated with the studies described in the following article on the genesis of life, selection and evolution. As a continuation of the […]