Maria Sabaté

27 de November de 2020

Fellowship focused on animal nutrition

The Vallbo Foundation, in order to promote and support research in animal and veterinary production, announces a fellowship aimed at postgraduate veterinary students specialized in animal […]
9 de March de 2020

The grant awarded in Colombia in 2019 finishes with success

On August 2019, Fundació Vallbo gave a grant to a student of the National University of Colombia which has successfully been completed. The study, carried out […]
27 de August de 2019

The Vallbo Foundation gives a grant in Colombia

The Vallbo Foundation has awarded a fellowship to a student of the National University of Colombia for a project that will analyze the effects of plant […]
1 de August de 2019

Fellowship for Colombia

The Vallbo Foundation, with the aim of encouraging and promoting scientific education in Veterinary Sciences, have opened a call for research projects on ‘Effect of plant extracts […]