The grant awarded in Colombia in 2019 finishes with success

The Vallbo Foundation gives a grant in Colombia
27 de August de 2019
Fellowship focused on animal nutrition · Closed
27 de November de 2020
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The grant awarded in Colombia in 2019 finishes with success

On August 2019, Vallbo Foundation gave a grant to a student of the National University of Colombia which has successfully been completed. The study, carried out in a farm located in Piedecuesta (Santander), has analysed the effects of plant extracts on indicators of intestinal integrity and productive parameters in broilers.

An experimental design was performed in which intestinal inflammation conditions were simulated through the addition of raw soybeans. The study focused on detecting the effects of the extracts on productive parameters, hematology, intestinal morphology, pigmentation and other parameters.

The results were statistically analyzed, and an economic analysis was also included. It was concluded that with the inclusion in the diet of these extracts a positive impact is obtained on the health of the animals and on the economics of poultry farming.

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